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November 19,2018

Did you know the Diamond Pier is just one of the products made by our parent company, Pin Foundations? This year the whole crew went to the Green Build Conference 2019 in Chicago to see what is new in low-impact building. Pin Foundations creates low-impact foundation solutions that are not only faster to install, but are also better for our Earth. Check it out.

Mike Foundation Frame - Diamond Pier

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October 12,2018

The Diamond Pier staff returned today from the Remodeling and Deck Expo 2018, this year located in Baltimore, MD. We saw some familiar faces, and met a ton of new people. Our booth happened to be adjacent to a meet-up location, where different topics and speakers were featured every couple of hours. Deck Specialist Magazine did a great job presenting relevant and important topics for the future of the building industry. 

The session we found most compelling was "The Deck of the Future: What's Ahead in Outdoor Living". The session featured speakers Matt Breyer, Brendan Casey, David Elenbaum and Marv Johnson. There were some pretty consistent messages about where the decking industry was headed, and how to keep your business at the top of the pack.

Market Your Business: The message was clear: these days, a successful local business demands a social media presence, and a good website. And listen, Diamond Pier is right there with you! We've spent the last 10 years just focused on getting our product in your hands, and making sure it's the best, highest quality product out there. Those are extremely important things for us, and for you and your business. But if no one knows how awesome your business is, then it still may not grow. Diamond Pier recently launched a new website, and hired marketing staff to make sure that not only do we have an awesome product, but people actually know it exists! It was clear from this speaker panel that the same applies for your local deck business. Customers want to see great photos of the projects you've done before they hire you. 

Efficiency is Key: The ups and downs of the economy, competitors right in your backyard, how does a company not just survive but thrive? Efficiency. This was the key message. Find the products you love to work with, become the pros at those products, and build efficiently so you can create something quickly, of great quality, and move on to your next job. Of course while listening to this message we wanted to jump up and down with our hand raises shouting "Diamond Pier! Diamond Pier!" But honestly, we're so proud to bring a product to the market that is high quality, but also saves you an enormous amount of time! While your competitors are waiting for a hole inspection, or for concrete to dry, you're already framing your project. We truly believe our product can help you get that competitive edge you need. 

There were, of course, so many other great things about this years Deck Expo, but we believe the two points above are absolutely vital to the future of deck building. 

Thank you everyone who stopped by our booth. We appreciate your business, and your consideration. 

Look out for our interview on the Build Show with Matt Risinger, coming soon! 


Diamond Pier Deck Expo 1
Diamond Pier Deck Expo 2Diamond Pier Deck Expo 3Diamond Pier Deck Expo 4Diamond Pier Deck Expo 5

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September 04,2018


Welcome to Diamond Pier's brand new website! 

Diamond Pier's main objective is to make the life of the contractor a little bit easier. We are so pleased to add this new site as a way to continue that objective. Our goal was to make a user-friendly site that could easily teach, train, engage, and connect with our contractors, homeowners, retailers and code officials. 

We have to thank RED27 Creative for the wonderful design of the site, and XENO Media for an amazing job with executing all of our ideas, and making our site friendly no matter what device is being used to view the site. 

We hope you find our new site to be easy to navigate, and helpful in all that it communicates. We are always happy to hear feedback from our end users. Please feel free to contact us, and thank you for being a part of our growing company! 

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AMBO ICC Region III Conference

Diamond Pier will be displaying at the ICC Region III conference, 2019. This is a great opportunity to get CE credits, as well as see Diamond Pier close up, and get any of your questions answered by a Diamond Pier pro. 

Learn more here.

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