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Choosing the Right Residential Deck Footing

How the Top Alternative Solutions Compare

The Foundation of Every Great Deck

Building Beyond the Standard Deck Footing

Code Compliance vs. Code Approval

There is often confusion regarding the concepts of “Code Compliant vs Code Approved”. It’s the project plans that are approved, not a particular product.

Frost Heave Explained

Frost Heave Is A Complicated Process. Here's What the Code Doesn't Tell You

Uplift Resistance Explained

The uplift resistance of the Diamond Pier system effectively resists frost heave pressures often found in the northern portion of the United States.

The Value of Alternative Engineered Products

The inclusion of Section R104.11 Alternative Materials, Design and Methods of Construction and Equipment in the 2018 International Residential Code addresses and allows for implementation of new technologies...

Understanding Pin Pile Technology

Learn how the Diamond Pier concrete head creates a locking mechanism for bearing pins that strengthens as the load increases.


Pin Foundations has been partnering with the Association of Minnesota Building Officials (AMBO) since 2007 to provide education on innovation for residential deck foundations.
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