10 Deck Footings in 3 Hours - Dr. Decks & Diamond Pier

Dr. Decks is working on a massive deck project on the Puget Sound, and is using Diamond Pier Foundation System on this tricky landscape.

Diamond Pier Foundation System - How it works

Diamond Pier Foundation Systems are structurally rated footings for your decks, porches, gazebos, and more.

Diamond Pier Installation - Public Television’s Hometime

Watch as the crew from Hometime along with our Diamond Pier specialists use Diamond Pier footings to build a small bridge in a forest preserve.

Installing Diamond Pier Foundation Systems

Discover how easy it is to install a Diamond Pier footing. Watch this 3-minute installation uncut and in real time.


Removing Diamond Pier Foundations

Need to change the position of your Diamond Pier foundation? No problem. Watch how easy the a Diamond Pier footing is to remove.


Diamond Pier Installation Training

Ralph spends some time with the crew from DekTex in Madison, WI, giving them tips and best practices for building with Diamond Pier foundations.

Diamond Pier Animation

Watch how a Diamond Pier footing drives into the ground. (Please note this video does not show the inspection plugs installed.)

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