Testimonials: Proven Performance

10 Year Frost Study'


2019 Frost Study shows 99.7% resistance to frost heave under extreme conditions

"I like the product and they are time saving compared to traditional poured concrete footings. We use DP-50/50 a lot and have just recently needed to use DP-75/63." 

Spencer Farris
Decked Out, Lincoln NE

"We are using the DIamond Pier here in Oamaha Nebraska on new construction as well as old. The builder we do decks for averages at least 600 new homes a year. I'm glad they found you guys. It made life much easier! Especially building in the winter."

Kane Kuhn
Kuhn's Construction, Lincoln NE

"I put in probably 50 or 60 in Boston and surrounding areas and never had an issue. They are amazing." 

Kevin Flaherty
New England Area

"Used 28 under this deck, best system!! Saved time and money." 

Mike McKinney
McKinney Home Improvements, Racine, WI

"They worked great! Saved the customer lots of time and hassle by not having to wait for traditional cement footings to cure. Thanks Diamond Pier for creating such an innovative product for our customers." 

Highway 55 Rental
Hamel, MN

"This is awesome! We redid our 4 deck posts and it took us 3 hours from start to finish. From jacking up the deck, removing the posts and the installation of new footings. I wouldn't use anything else."

Angie Hunter

"10,000 piers and counting. DP has changed the way we build decks. Time and cost savings, ease of install and lifetime warranty makes it a better foundation system."

Pat Noonan
Deck and Basement Company – Richfield, MN

"This is an amazing product… it is incredibly low-impact and very easy to install."

Jose Galarza, Professor of Sustainable Design/Build
Umass Architecture + Design

"Started with Diamond Pier in May 2015 and they have made a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE to my business opening up an entire new world in terms of revenue!"

Norm Buteau
Norm Buteau Construction – Millbury, MA

"… A lifetime warranty on one of the most critical elements of a deck is why my clients choose Diamond Pier."

Brian Jacobson
4 Quarters Deisgn & Build – Plymouth, MN

"I’ve been using these all over the west metro area… all the piers have remained structurally sound through repeated frost cycles."

Bob Januik
Precision Decks – Mound, MN

"After believing in and selling Diamond Piers for a year and a half now, I personally installed 5 piers in 1 hour 15 minutes total. Amazing product!"

Shayne Jordan, Contractor Sales
Maki Building Centers, Central Massachusetts

"…After Hurricane Dennis AND Hurrican Katrina, not a single Diamond Pier had been compromised."

Taj Goodpaster, Construction Project Manager
North Wind, Inc.

"I’m very impressed with the performance, ease of installation, and no-mess application of the Diamond Pier. I will continue to use them on my future deck projects."

Jon Truax
Tru Decks, LLC – Twin Cities area, MN


"One of the best things for us is that the day we get on the job, we're framing."

Russ Beier
DekTex, Madison WI

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