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Engineered Projects

Diamond Pier foundations are perfect for low-impact construction in parks, nature preserves, public works projects, homes, solar panels, and much more. Discover if Diamond Pier foundations are right for your project.

Not sure if your project needs site-specific engineering?

For loads beyond the published Load Chart, when an engineer stamped submittal is required or when project soils are outside of what is described on the Load Chart, we offer Project Services to specify the right Diamond Pier model for the project. This path requires project-specific soils information (from a geotechnical engineer) and tributary loading information (from a structural engineer). With this information, we return a capacity analysis that specifies the proper Diamond Pier model for a project. The capacity analysis can be delivered as part of an engineer stamped submittal package when required.

What kinds of projects can Diamond Pier foundations support?

Diamond Pier foundations can be used to support all kinds of projects. From boardwalks and walkways, to homes, to solar panels, the Diamond Pier footing is a great low-impact foundation that requires little to no excavation. The best way to discover if the Diamond Pier system is right for your project is to us the form below to tell us about it!

Some common uses are: 

  • Commercial Decks
  • Walkways & Boardwalks
  • Homes
  • Solar Panels


Solid and Secure.
Low Impact, Green Solution.
Easy and Labor Efficient.
Smarter, Proven Technology.

How to get started

Download our Project Services Document to review the submittal process. You can also use the form below to tell us about your project!

Engineered Projects

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