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You're a pro-builder, which means you don't have a lot of time on your hands. Below are the top 4 subjects our builders ask about most. 

Our 10-year Frost Study found 99.7% of all Diamond Pier installs resisted frost heave in severe frost zone areas.

Be confident in the fact that the Diamond Pier Foundation System provides a higher level of professionalism allowing you to Build Beyond the Standard

10 Year Frost Study

Code Compliance                           Frost & Other Forces
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Diamond Pier Installation

This guide is meant for projects using Diamond Piers sold through retail stores, DP50 & DP75. For larger projects please visit our Engineered Projects page

Why Diamond Pier?

There is no other foundation system for a deck that is easier to install than the Diamond Pier system. You can set 6-8 footings within the first hour and start building immediately.

Eliminates Downtime 
No need to be held up with a footing inspection or waiting for concrete to dry. The code official is instructed to measure the depth of your pipe, so you can frame your deck immediately, and save entire days on your project.

No Excavation. No Mess.
Diamond Pier footings can be integrated and installed into your existing landscaping without damaging plants, and using only handheld tools.

Structurally Rated
The Diamond Pier concrete head is manufactured under controlled conditions and is not subject to variables in the field that can weaken a site-poured concrete footing and compromise its bearing, uplift, and lateral load requirements.

Before You Purchase

Check Your Soils

Properly Drained, Maximum Slope 2:1. Works in Silts, Clays, Sands & Gravels.


Know Your Loads

Our Load Chart will help you determine if you need the DP-50/50" or DP-75/63".


Get A Building Permit

Choose Diamond Pier model and provide supporting code compliance documents.


Locate Buried Utilities

Determine safety zones and adequate clearances. Read more below.


What You'll Need to Get Started

Required Tools:  Square-edge shovel    |   Torpedo Level   |    Pipe Wrench    |    Ear Protection   |   Sledgehammer   |   Tape Measure   |   Proper Safety Goggles   |   Insulated Gloves & Protective Clothing

The Proper Sized Diamond Pier Foundation

The Proper Sized Diamond Pier Foundation

Diamond Pier Driving Bit

Diamond Pier Driving Bit

Demo/Breaker Hammer

Available for Rent at Some Retail Locations

Demo breaker hammers

Pro Builder Training Video

Overview of what builders will need to start a project. For complete instructions see our full Installation Manual Download.


Hitting Obstructions and Other Troubleshooting Questions

The Diamond Pier foundation is easy to use, remove, and troubleshoot. See our full list of FAQs.



Uninstalling the Diamond Pier

Please see complete removal instructions in our full Installation Manual, page 13.


 Removing the Pins    

Pin removal may be needed when an obstruction is hit that the pin can not drive through. Pins can be removed and the entire system rotated, leaving the center anchor bolt in the same position, and the pins re-driven in a different space in order to miss the obstruction.  



Time to Install.

Head over to our installation manual for steps, videos and more.

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