Auxiliary Parts and Equipment

Post/Beam Brackets

The bracket needed to make the connection from the Diamond Pier foundation to the superstructure can be purchased separately from a local lumberyard. The DP-50 pier typically has a 1/2" diameter galvanized bolt embedded in the top of the concrete head (nut provided), and this bolt will connect to a code-approved post base. The DP-75 pier has a 5/8" diameter bolt at the top of the concrete head. Check your local building code or building official to verify which post bases are acceptable in your area, and make sure to match the post size and loads on the post with the appropriate bracket size and bracket load ratings. Typically these brackets come with a “standoff” design that separates the wood from contact with the base of the bracket and eliminates the need to drill into the bottom of the lumber to compensate for the raised anchor bolt. Most post-base brackets have a wide hole in the base that allows for horizontal adjustment of the final bracket location.

Horizontal beams may also be set directly in an appropriate bracket for direct connection to the Diamond Pier foundation when constructing low-profile structures. Larger piers not shown on the “Residential Diamond Pier Load Chart” (Table 1) have a variety of bolt diameters and configurations. Contact PFI for more information if your project requires piers larger than the DP-50 or DP-75.

The proper bracket coating or finish should be chosen based on the lumber to be used and the treating specifications of the project superstructure. If stainless steel is chosen, the embedded galvanized bolt must be protected from contact with the stainless bracket with the addition of a plastic or rubber bushing (not supplied) or the concrete heads must be special ordered with embedded stainless steel anchor bolts to avoid the potential for corrosion of dissimilar metals in contact.

Breaker Hammers and Driving Bits

The Diamond Pier driving bit is recommended for use with a standard breaker/demolition hammer, see below. The driving bit has a 1-1/8" hex shaft, and can be rented or purchased through a local dealer or purchased directly from PFI. NOTE: The bits are NOT to be used with, or as, a sledgehammer.

Only automatic breaker/demolition hammers should be used to install the Diamond Pier pins. Any standard automatic hammer that will handle a 1-1/8" hex shaft can be used, provided it can be properly and safely controlled by the operator and not risk injury or damage to the concrete head. Soft or loose soils will allow for the use of lighter lower-energy hammers. Stiff or dense soils will require electric hammers in the higher impact range or standard jackhammers driven by compressed air. In most cases, the DP-50 and DP-75 are installed with electric hammers. Roto-hammers are not adequate.

Below is a list of commonly available electric automatic breaker/demolition hammers.

  • BOSCH Brute #BH2760VC   63-lb Breaker Hammer; Bit type: 1-1/8" Hex
  • MAKITA Model #HM1307CB   35-lb Demolition Hammer; Bit type: 1-1/8" Hex
  • HITACHI Model #H65SD2   40-lb Demolition Hammer; Bit type: 1-1/8" Hex
  • BOSCH Model #11335K   35-lb Breaker Hammer; Bit type: 1-1/8" Hex
  • MILWAUKEE Model #5338   71-lb Breaker Hammer; Bit type: 1-1/8" Hex

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