The information given in this section is provided for use in document/permit submittal, where applicable.


ASTM A 53 - Pipe, Steel, Black and Hot dipped, Zinc-coated
ASTM A153 - Zinc coating (hot-dip) on Steel Hardware
ASTM, ACI, and CRSI standards for precast concrete products

Delivery/Storage and Handling

Contractor shall protect the materials from damage.


Four pins per pier. All pins to be galvanized steel pipe with butt cut ends, schedule 40, Grade A, Type E, electric resistance welded. Pins are to be capped with UV-resistant vinyl caps.


Diamond Pier foundation connection to be galvanized steel post base or beam bracket (by others) attached to embedded single galvanized anchor bolt in concrete head. See “Post/Beam Brackets”.


Alteration of site soils or vegetation to be kept to a minimum to avoid erosion, drainage issues, or the need for replanting. Site must be properly drained.


Contractor shall verify superstructure layout, spans, and resulting loads for consistency with the manufacturer’s published capacities.

Pins to be full length as specified before driving. No coupled or welded pins are to be used.

Follow the complete Installation Instructions provided in this manual.

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