Today’s construction industry is very dynamic with manufacturers introducing new products at a record pace. These innovations allow builders, homeowners and municipalities to benefit from higher efficiencies, lower impact / greener options and lower costs for all. Perhaps no group knows this better than building code officials. Code officials are being asked to review new materials and methods at a record pace.

To keep up with the pace of innovation, education and training is key. Pin Foundations invests in education and regularly presents the advantages Diamond Pier to code officials. Our focus on education ensures that everyone knows more about the technology, product engineering, code compliance, uses, installation and inspection. We also learn from you as we discuss your projects, changes to building codes and special cases.

Pin Foundations has been partnering with the Association of Minnesota Building Officials (AMBO) since 2007 to provide education on innovation for residential deck foundations. The 2022 AMBO meeting will feature many different sessions including the approved CE Course, Bearing Pin Piers as an Alternative to Conventional Concrete Footings.

Roger Axel, CBO, will be the instructor. Roger is a retired building official with 30 years of experience. He has deep experience with single and multi-family residential, educational, industrial, business and mercantile occupancies. He has multiple state certifications and is an ICC contract instructor. Roger knows his stuff and the class is structured to be interactive. Course feedback is always very positive.

Topics to be covered include concepts, engineering, applications, code compliance, installation, inspection and site-specific engineering. Please see the AMBO website to register for the course:

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